• Like Tetris, but with rainbows, bombs, and unicorns!

  • A Rainbonaut is...

    ...a rainbow-making astronaut!


    Your mission as a Rainbonaut is to power the galaxy by making rainbows. When a rainbow is made, each of its tiles explode into a spark of energy.


    With two equally awesome game modes, you can play endlessly or travel through the galaxy mission by mission.

  • Meet Your Crew

    Unlock and play alongside powerful Rainbonauts! Meet the rainbow-eyed crew:


    Beams away the falling tile into another dimension

    Use it when the falling tile isn't the right fit. Don't let unwanted tiles ruin your rainbows.


    Slows down the falling tile

    When tiles begin to fall fast, this one will be your best friend. Anti-gravity to the rescue!


    Destroys all the meteors on the board

    Meteor Strike is a quick fix if you're in need of space! Be gone pink meteors.


    Boosts sun and cloud tiles +1 spark

    Make every rainbow more valuable with bean power! More sparks mean more rewards.


    Boosts sun and cloud tiles by +2 sparks

    Like Super Bean, but better! Your rainbows will be extra electrifying.


    Chomps up the bottom row of the board

    These toothy friends love to feed on tiles. Unleash them when space is limited.


    Randomly replaces the falling tile with one of five

    If you're unhappy with the falling tile but are running close to the limit, give this one a spin!


    Swaps and saves the falling tile for later

    The galaxy is a random, chaotic place. Robo Fetch gives you more control by saving the falling tile for future use.


    Coming soon!

    Hint: the galaxy is about to get a little chilly...


  • Tips and Tricks

    Little victories add up to big wins!

    Endless Mode

    Practice makes perfect

    The better you get at crafting rainbows, the easier the missions. But if all you want to do is make rainbows then the endless planet is your home!

    Combo Coin$

    Earn extra coins

    Cash in by making extra long rainbows or go on a streak by making one rainbow right after the other.

    Bombs Away!

    Double-edged sword

    Be sure to use bombs to your advantage! They can be used to clear space but can quickly wreak havoc on your precious rainbows. Be extra careful of the meow bomb!

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